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Penny Press Machines

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For Sale

penny press machine,  elongated penny machine,  penny machine  

Custom images included at no additional cost.
Let our experienced staff design coins to create memories for your visitors.

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Unlike other penny machine manufacturers,  Penny Press Machines offers its presses for sale, or for placement in qualified locations at no cost to the location. 

Purchasing one of our elongated penny machines allows you to realize unlimited earning potential without splitting the income.  

Honey finish 14 inch compact penny press 6 inch legs

Provincial Finish

Compact Penny Press

2 inch legs

Classic style

Penny Press Machine

6" legs

Honey Oak Finish

Compact Penny Press

14 inches with 2 inch legs

Our Classic style penny press in a new, smaller footprint. 

Only 14" square. 

Light Honey Oak finish.

Provincial Finish Classic Penny Press Machine

with 2 inch legs.

Narrow compact penny press 14 inch cabinet 2 inch legs

Your customer merely selects the design they want to purchase, inserts two (or more) quarters and one penny, and turns the handle five times - and out drops their elongated
penny souvenir.

Classic style penny press - 14" square

Darker provincial finish

with four custom images.

Classic penny press machine 14 inch cabinet 6 inch legs

year Warranty

Honey finish compact penny press 2 inch legs

​​​​​​​​penny machine​​​​​​​​​​​​   

Penny Press Machines.com​  penny press machine,  elongated penny machine,  penny machine  

Provincial finsh 14 inch classic penny press machine 2 inch legs

We are proud to offer you these vintage style attractions which have proven themselves profitable for more than a century.

Includes four custom images

on the die for your guest to choose from.

  • Turn U.S. pennies into elongated souvenir coins
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Price includes all artwork for four images and engraving
  • Custom artwork for you location - choose images from our selection or we'll design custom images for you at NO additional cost
  • Custom signs displaying the coin designs
  • Adjustable vend for 25¢ to $1.00 US currency - adaptable to foreign currency
  • ​Low maintenance
Compact Penny Press with 6" legs

Honey Oak Finish

Compact Penny Press

with 6" legs

Compact Penny Press

Machine with 6" legs

​Provincial Finish

Over the years we have added to our penny press line with other vintage "penny arcade" amusement equipment.  These additions are also proven money makers.